Saliou Traore

when it flows and when it doesn’t

extract by Patrick Healy from the publication:

In a general sense his primary interest is in movement, transport, as different social practices, and as meanings.
In some ways his approach is pre-theoretical and pre-conceptual, at least in the sense Heidegger indicates for our way of being in the world, which he captures in the concept Befindlichkeit:

A basic orientation we have towards things and situations – which as comportment are our way, ways, of being in the world. This is part of a fundamental attunement (STIMMUNG), which can be taken as habitus, or in habiting. However, habit also obscures our surroundings, and can exclude us from curiosity towards the world, and a failure to learn as a constant problem solving which is both evolution and survival.

By studying simple everyday transports and movement, and what blocks it, Saliou brings together unexpected connections and winding, even random narratives that question things relatively which as a project also approaches what Barthes, Roland Barthes, says on Jules Michelet